Philos Press is a woman owned small press.  When asked for the Greek word for “friends” the Greek poet Nanos Valaoritis answered, “Philos”.  Accordingly, Philos Press will publish books by friends whose work, poetry, prose and visual arts has been overlooked by other presses.  It is pure joy to be able to present work by artists and writers of the first order who, more than being just friends of mine, are friends of the written and spoken word.




Laura Beausoleil was  a San Francisco Bay Area resident from 1969 until 2001, when she moved to the Pacific Northwest.  A poet and writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Ms Beausoleil has four books published, Autograph (poems, 1975), A Chance of Moving (prose, 1979), In the Absence of a Surface (poems, 1985), and The Land Above the Trees (poems, 1999).  Her work has appeared in eight anthologies and 38+ poetry magazines.


Ms Beausoleil’s awards and fellowships include: 2nd in the Academy of American Poets competition, San Francisco State University, 1974;  National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 1982;  Honorable Mention, Joseph Henry Jackson Award, 1984; Writer-in-Residence, Centrum, Port Townsend, WA, 1987,  Writer-in-Residence, 1999, Taos, New Mexico.  In 1997, she also won first prize for the best poem (out of 2000 entries) about coffee from Peet’s Coffee and Poetry Flash.


In May, 2005, Ms. Beausoleil was named Poet Laureate of South Sound Washington.




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