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When asked for the Greek word for "friends", the Greek poet, Nanos Valaoritis said "Philos". That's what we did. We published works of friends that had been overlooked by more traditional presses.

Laura Beausoleil is the founder of Philos Press, which has published 12 collections of poetry, essays and fiction. A poet and writer of both fiction and nonfiction, Laura Beausoleil’s books include four poetry collections, Autograph (1975), In the Absence of a Surface (1985), The Land Above the Trees (1999) and In the Company of Birds (2005), and one book of short stories, A Chance of Moving (1979). Her work has appeared in eight anthologies and 38+ literary magazines. In 1981 she was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Fiction. In May of 2005 she was named Poet Laureate of South Sound, Washington.

She has lived in Hawaii, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California, and now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, in the capital city of Olympia, Washington. She lives with her husband, Michael Waggener and has a loving cat named Larry and mischievous long-hair Dachshund Sophie.

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